Dutch company Webguru’s International (Private) Limited signed an agreement with the BOI to set up a US$ 155,000 software Development Company aimed at the export market.

Ruben Blanke (Director) and Barend Raatt (Director) signed the agreement on behalf of the company with Dhammika Perera, Chairman/Director General of the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka.

The Dutch company, which has its headquarters in Amsterdam, has among its clients world leading multinationals enterprises such as Randstad, BMW and Vodaphone Europe. Webguru plan to develop software solutions for both international and local clients. Webguru is also developing software for the I-phones, including the latest I-pad. The reason Webguru opted to set up an operation in Sri Lanka, according to Ruben Blanke, was to utilize to the fullest a workforce that benefits from a high standard of education and also the potential of working with a team of young programmers. In fact they will be employing 27 staff at their office located in Colombo 6.

Barend Raatt said that ‘Since the end of the conflict the business climate is good and Sri Lanka has good international facilities’.

Both directors of Webguru said that they hope to convince other investors from the Netherlands to invest in Sri Lanka as they were very satisfied with the assistance and facilitation provided by the BOI.

source :-http://www.sundayobserver.lk/2010/04/11/fin15.asp