Rajarata University of Sri Lanka

Faculty of Management Studies

Post Graduate Diploma in Management

Two Day ABLE Training program


08.00-am.     Welcome and program inauguration-Safety (Energizer)
10.00-00.00am.     Divide the teams and design team name, team moral sound and team leader
10.00-10.30am.    Initiative Games
10.30-45.00am.    Snack
10.45-11.30am.    Trust Activities
11.30-12.45pm.    Team Building Activities
12.45-01.30pm.    Lunch
01.30-03.30pm.    Leadership Activities
03.30-03.45pm.    Snack
03.45-05.15pm    Dress Regulation & Dining hall Etiquettes
05.15-06.30pm.    Free time
06.30-08.30pm.    Film (Success Story of Leadership)
Day Two
06.00-06.30am.    Bed Tea
06.30-07.15am.    Yoga Exercise
17.15-08.00am.    Meditation & Relaxation
08.00-08.45am.    Breakfast
08.30-09.15am.    Film Assignment
09.15-10.45am.    Management Activities
10.45-11.00am.    Snack
11.00-12.45pm.    Water Activities
12.45-01.30pm.    Lunch
01.30-02.45pm.    Final Debriefing
03.00pm-      Windup the Program

Target group_ (PGDM Students University of Rajarata.)

  • People came with knowledge, they will leaved with roles, techniques, Processes, and strategies so, let them to talk, apply, enjoy.)
  • ODT raining is not what you know; it’s what you do by what you know.
  • Involvement could deliver result faster than lecture.
  • ODT is about learning for living

Good Luck.
Centre Manager-JTRT